Leave Your Mark on the World

If you ever wanted to make a real difference, today is your day.

Just two cups of coffee

For the equivalent of two cups of coffee, you can turn around the life of a whole family and have a positive impact on an entire village.

Take Firoza, for example


While most young people have to leave their families in search for work, she started her own organic garden with the help of USC Canada.

As an alumni of the year-long Seeds of Survival program, she is a trailblazer in her community when it comes to growing healthy vegetables. In order to protect her crop against pests, climate change and other natural disasters, she grows 23 different vegetables. Each year, some of them will fall victim to uneven rainfall or droughts, but most of them survive.

And despite the challenges, she is a fierce defender of agroecology: she wants to feed her children and husband the most healthy, nourishing food possible while also taking care of her little garden. After everything Firoza learned in the program, she grows her veggies strictly organic, with Earth-friendly methods like composting, brewing her own all-natural pesticide and saving seeds.

MarketContinually improving her methods, she is able to sell a growing amount of surplus to the local market in exchange for much needed cash.

As her confidence grows with her skills, she stands up in front of her peers and shares her knowledge, something she would have never dreamed of a few years ago. Her neighbors already started adopting her techniques for their own gardens.

A job with a future.
Seeds to grow food for a whole year.
The skill to feed her family for a lifetime.
Improving the situation of a whole village.

All of this in an earth-friendly and natural way and at the expense of $10–two cups of coffee.