About Us

Our Mission

The Green Panther’s mission is to continually develop more sustainable ways of providing delicious, affordable, ethical food for people to enjoy in urban environments.

Why Organic?

You mean, beside the fact that it hasn’t been heavily sprayed with toxic chemicals…?!

But since you brought it up… growing pesticide-free crops has a positive effect not just on our health, but also on local ecologies.

The plants, trees, and animals that live close to crop fields all benefit from a pesticide/fertilizer-free environment, as well as the precious water that remains uncontaminated. These facts, among others, make an organic lifestyle an important step on the way to becoming a more sustainable community.

Why Local?

Because we can!!!

Perhaps not everything, but there are a a lot of things which are being produced here, especially during the spring and summer seasons. By consuming local produce, you are not only supporting your own economy but also helping to minimize unnecessary shipments which come from as far as California, Mexico, New Zealand, you name it…

So whenever you have the choice we say go local!

Green Panther - Local

Why Recycle?

What once was a belief is today an established fact:

Our planet’s resources are finite and with the rhythm of consumption in this day and age it is necessary to develop our recycling capacity and learn how to re-use existing materials.

We are polluting our planet big time by not recycling. Land fills are getting fuller everyday and some are becoming a hazard to their surroundings, polluting the air and ground water. And besides, recycling is becoming a real trend now so be cool and re-cycle!

Our Green Policy

Why Do the Things We Do?

First of all cause we enjoy it !!!

We fully believe that a shift to a more responsible way of consuming is possible. It was only natural to take an active part in making it happen, and what better place than food to start?

You can also take action: start by being curious! Inquire about your food, what’s in it, who makes it, where it’s from. You’re sure to learn some new facts that will expand your knowledge and help you make better – and more delicious – choices. We hope you’ve enjoyed your stay in our virtual jungle, thank you and please visit us in person!

If you have any questions… just purrrr and all your purrrrs will be answered.